Moving means new home, new doc, new hair stylist. Wait. What??

Moving means starting fresh. New home, new doctor, new hair stylist.

Wait. What.

If you’re like me you understand that finding a new hair dresser can be a little stressful. Lets be real. I’ve had my fair share of *they cut far too much off* and *my hair is now orange* and I don’t need any more of that!  I mean, who do I trust to cut, color, and tame this mane? There are some BFF relationships between clients and hairstylists and I’ll let you all in on mine:
Meet Maral. My go to for hair advice (and life advice).
She changed direction and entered the industry because she was so inspired by the creativity and constantly evolving nature of it. She is hungry to constantly learn new techniques and find new inspiration. I like to call her a hair artist because that is what she is. She is a color mix master. When I tell you this lady knows how to transform your hair-that is an understatement. I am always amazed at how she blends colors so well, I could wear my bayalage hair stick straight and the colors would just melt into each other seamlessly. That takes talent.
What I love about Maral is that she’s always trying to better her techniques. Every time I see her she’s trying something new or has new information to tell me. Also, I know she will be 100% honest with me. “No Katlin, I cannot bleach your hair to blonde in one sitting without it being damaged beyond repair.” …ya know, stuff like that. I know without a doubt that I will walk out of the salon happy as can be because she won’t let me do anything crazy or unrealistic with my hair. She also gives me a ton of advice on how to style my hair at home and what products to use-she even makes sure to tell me about the latest organic products she has because she knows that’s my jam. 
Sitting in Maral’s chair you get to watch first hand how inspired she is by what she’s doing and also what an epic multi-tasker she is. I’ve watched her highlight my entire head while giving color advice to multiple co-workers and still asking me about my kids and the latest at CEED. Simply put, she’s a master at her trade, a go to for info, and knows how to hustle. I give her props.
Here is my hair that she lifted from dark red to blonde over the course of months while maintaining the health and length of it!
She is currently working for Kaaral as an educator and plans to break into the education side of the industry more so in the future.  Her enthusiasm when she talks about her ideas and career is contagious. I love to watch her Instagram to see her before and after photos. It truly is incredibly how much she can change a look.
Luckily, this hair guru is now located conveniently downtown at Euphoria Color Salon! #SCORE
If you go see her, tell her I said hi!