That Gut Feeling-Probiotics are Promising

*Walks into Winterbloom Tea*

“Hi Josh! I would like some tea so I can grow a culture of bacteria and ferment it”

Probiotics are important guys!

Winterbloom Tea Fayetteville, NC

It’s a thing.

(It turns out I actually did that thing wrong. Apparently you can’t just go to town being a mad scientist. There’s a finesse to this 😬)

It also turns out that there are bacteria that improve your overall health. Ya know, not just the kind your mom told you to wash off your hands.

Who knew?

Siggi’s Vanilla Yogurt (probiotic party!) Justin’s Almond Butter, Annie’s Homegrown Graham Crackers

I’ve been drinking kombucha since I was in high school. I didn’t really understand the full scope of the benefits-I just thought it was something different and I dig fermented foods in general. It turns out I was building up my gut health and doing my body a huge favor. And when I consider all the tacos I want to eat this taco Tuesday…it’s probably a good thing I balance it out.

Kimchi tacos. Yes, I went there.

Fast forward to the fermented foods trend-can I just say IT IS AWESOME! Fermented foods are more readily available all over the place now. I used to have to wait until I went back home to get booch and now I have a cart full of the stuff every time I “run for milk and bread”  *happy dance*

So lets get down to it. Your body is full of a jillion different kinds of bacteria. It’s part of your microbiome. Remember that so you can sound super smart when someones asks why you’re drinking booch or shamelessly eating a bowl of kimchi for breakfast.  *awkward laugh*

Normal car snack

YOU GUYS. There are more bacteria in your body than CELLS.

At least, that’s what Google said so it’s gotta be right.

*Mind blown*

So seeing as how they take up a large residence in our existence, you can see how they impact many aspects of how we’re doing. Digestion, blood sugar, the immune system, even our mental health.

Next time someone asks if I want to get junk food- “Sorry, I can’t. My microbiome is off.” I mean…that’s a legit excuse if I’ve ever heard one.

People are literally referring to their gut as their second brain. 🤔 It kind of makes sense. I mean, have you ever eaten a really unhealthy meal..or an entire day of junk…and just felt tired, sluggish, maybe foggy? I have. I always feel more energetic and clear minded when I eat clean. I think it has alot to do with supporting that healthy gut environment. You are what you eat after all, right?

Happy Gut, Happy Life 👌🏻

If that’s the case I am eggs, kimchi, and booch. 😬

p.s. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. I just really dig good bacteria.

Raleigh Raw-fuelin’ our bodies

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