(Self)ish Sunday

Self care, huh?

Cool story bro.

Wait, it actually is important.

Flowers by Nomad Blooms

How many of you have been running on empty and found that you couldn’t give 100% in ANY aspect of your life? I’ve been there. Working full time, mom of two, all sorts of projects, trying to get in shape, trying to cook, are the bills paid? Did I call my parents? Is that field trip today? Was that event tonight?-the list could be endless.

The only way I would thrive in life is to make sure I’m taking care of myself and taking a day to recover and prep.

I always ask myself, will my weekend exhaust me further or will it gear me up to rock n’ roll on Monday when that alarm goes off?

Do whatever it is that makes you feel like you are on top of your game.

I consider good coffee my everyday self-care

I want my Sundays to feel healing and empowering. Sometimes that means turning down events and saying “no”.

I mean, all week we are up early, readying the kids, cooking, cleaning, driving to work, hustle hustle hustle!

I personally need a day where I wake up slowly and have nowhere to be besides what I deem is important to my soul that day.

Beauty Counter Charcoal Face-mask-a favorite of mine

Some Sundays I turn my place upside cleaning. Some Sundays I enjoy the sunshine and go grocery shopping, and some Sundays I simply put on a face mask and flip through my books.

I love cozy blankets, candles, and an entire day to enjoy them and set my intentions for the week ahead.

P.F. Candle Co. from Leclairs General Store

My intentions change weekly as I evolve and my clients and children’s needs change. I consider how I can perform better at work. I also consider personal intentions such as-create more, get more rest, practice patience etc.

I’m very in tune with myself and I know when I’m starting to wear thin. Eating junk on the go, going to bed to late, letting projects pile up-all of those things wear on me personally. I strive to be as proactive during the week as I can be so that when the weekend arrives, I feel satisfied that Ive been taking care of myself and my work is complete. I can fully recover and feel rejuvenated for the next, new week!

I simply believe in the importance of looking within for happiness and to take care of your body so you can run at full capacity!

Healthy snacks to fuel the hustle

I incorporate the girls into self care Sunday by allowing them to have a free play day. I think it’s important for them to have one day of play and rest before a very structured week ahead. I let them sleep in, stay in their pajamas as long as they like, and let the day flow organically for them. If I want to go to the market they’re usually very excited. They love to get in the car and go places so, I don’t feel that my needs are an intrusion on their day. I simply make sure I’m not rushing them out the door or putting unnecessary pressure on them to “go! go! go!” on Sundays.

Of course, everyone’s needs and outlook are different so I’m curious how others spend their weekends. I can only tell you what works for me personally. If climbing a mountain, writing a book, painting your house, or hanging with friends is your jam, that’s awesome too!

My self-care Sunday is pretty basic but it’s very important to me and my routine. I hope you enjoyed a peak into my weekends and that you enjoy your Sunday to it’s fullest in whatever way elevates you!


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